Moves like Elaine.



Hello! Had a wonderful holiday! Still on a Christmas high, and hoping that this feeling in the air lingers around for a while.

Yesterday I was reading an article in Weight Watchers magazine, that really resonated  with me. I was also given this magazine subscription as a gift for Christmas, and I couldn’t be more than happy about it! whoop whoop! To me, the gift of reading material about a specific area of interest in my life was perfection! The article was all about “Healing Arts”-dance, painting, drawing, acting, writing, etc. As I read the article about dance/movement, it triggered an adrenaline heart pumping realization. I am most engaged and in tune when I am listening to music, moving around to it, and letting my mind and body get lost in it. I grew up wanting to participate in dance classes, theater, and the arts. I joined a dance team in high school, along with on stage acting and singing. I liked the freedom it provided. Now, as I am older I still find joy in how I move and relate to music, I like to refer to it as a moving meditation. It would clear my head and give me a huge boost in self-confidence and energy. Even as a young girl I recognized the power that music, dance, and movement provided. Music is this huge useful, creative tool just waiting for someone like me to embrace it!

I am very intentional when it comes to my music, I have always relied heavily on the influence of music I choose to surround myself with. I have a variety of genres and taste. If you have ever been in the car with me you probably have noticed my silly dance moves and my singing. I make up dance moves and songs. I feel so free with it, and want to engage actively when a good song comes on or my body urges to move. I have been a little out of tune lately with my workout motivation. I read the article, and started recalling all the times when I haven’t resisted exercise and my top answers and that ever chased “mojo” was dance and moving my body to music or anything that tapped deeper into my creative side. In 2015 I participated for a few months in a hip hop dance/aerobics class. I loved it. Great music,  great energy, and the high I would feel afterward kept me coming back for more. Then I went a little further back to when I was running/walking almost everyday on my lunch break at work, while creating a playlist just for that walk or run and noticing how a certain track could push me further and get me into a great mental space. This past summer, I dabbled in water aerobics on my own,  and I blared my beats outdoors in the hot summer sun. I have wireless speakers and a sound dock i frequently put to use. A stereo might just be on my top 5 must have  list. Since the Summer ended, I have let this slip through the cracks. I needed the break though, my energy was focused on other priorities that brought me joy, like getting settled into our home and putting energy and work into that. We usually always had music going while hanging dry wall and completing our projects even chores have a background soundtrack. The fall and winter have come now, my body and energy has somewhat slowed down and I found myself stuck in a workout and health conundrum , trying to convince myself to get back into some kind of routine. Thank goodness the world has a way of bringing your attention and focus back before it slips too far away.

Everyone usually puts their health back into a priority at the turn of a new year, making resolutions and promises to do better. I started yesterday. I could not wait any longer. I was given tools over Christmas to help me get back into my love of movement and music and hadn’t even known that was what I really needed. My partner gave me wireless bluetooth headphones! Yippeee! Last night, as I put them on, and turned on some of my lady jams, I set  to “jamout” my new term for my workout to 3 or 4 songs. I finished with six songs and felt amazing afterward!

My excuses are just excuses. I don’t need to give them any more power than just calling them out for exactly what they are. I go back to that over explaining and apologizing when it’s not necessary. It’s easier for me to just say, (I have been missing this______). Time to get back to doing what works. It’s a good mental check up and refresher to realize that I can find what works and has worked for me, and tangibly go back after it, to get what I need restored.

I leave on this note. Reconnect with what works, more than likely it is what has worked and inspired you for as long as you can remember. Don’t put limits on yourself when finding avenues. Incorporate what you enjoy or even try them out in a new way. I will say Hiking is also what my heart loves and I can not wait to get back in my mountains soon!

-I think I dance better than Elaine from Seinfeld, however it’s her spirit that makes me love her character. She’s not afraid to make a fool of herself, and truly embody that dance like no one is watching mantra.



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