Stick with it.


Doing something is better than nothing. Let me repeat that. Doing something is better than nothing! Thank you Amy E. Smith, aka The Joy Junkie for this statement. I think I repeated it to myself 8 times last night!  I listen to her and hubby Mr. Smith’s podcast, and I am practicing my participation towards my kick ass life. Last night, while committing to 20 minutes on a treadmill, I was listening to their most recent podcast on “All or Nothing thinking Ep.189. The pod episode was about how we sometimes get the mentality of a “all or nothing” attitude. Instead, she encourages her listeners to practice grace to ourselves and allow some of the “perfectionism” or need for control not be the focus..and how thinking like that can hinder our personal happiness or leave us not enjoying the moment or being present with ourselves and others. Preach. Amy. Yes!

Yesterday, I got down and dirty and she calls it, when we have those “ah-ha” moments. I decided to take to my inner kiddo and make myself a Sticker Chart! A freaking sticker chart, yep.. you read that right! Stars, and hearts and quirky stickers. Go.. Go to the sticker isle at your dollar store and just get whatever calls to you.I started a point based reward system for myself, for some of that good old happy juice that I love. This is how it works-

If I make my bed and get up at 6 (no snooze button) I get 1 point. If I get in bed, (settled) at 9:30 pm on week nights, I get 1 point. If I exercise for 20 minutes, I get 2 points. If I do not smoke a cigarette, I get 1 point. If I read, or study for my classes for 40 mins, I get 1 point. Food Journal for the whole day, I get 1 point. If I go on a hike I get 6 points!

The points can then be redeemed for this awesome shit! 4 points, I get a glass of wine. 20 points I could go to the movie theater. For 20 points I can buy an album on Itunes. 3 points I can get a episode I want to watch on Netflix. 12 points I can go to my favorite pizza place! When I redeem the point I swap it out by marking it with a fun sticker to cover the point, showing me that I spent it!  This is flexible charting, and if I want to add a new reward or a new habit I can. That’s the fun of it! I just want to have some happy habits.  Doing something for myself, is better than doing nothing for myself. It is both visually and mentally fun for me to reward myself and hopefully this outlet for being kind to myself strengthens that self love muscle!

Who knows if this will work for me, however it’s making me focus on the things that I love and bring me joy. Plus any time I get to add neon card stock, magic markers and some stickers to please my visual side I will give it a go! Just not going to focus on hoarding my points. I like my wine and my Netflix too much! I just want to keep the “doing something” attitude alive!!!! Go. Make Awesome shit happen! Stick with SOMETHING!

Happy Wednesday!


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